An Iconic Era of Style Reimagined Thru Denim

A cultural explosion that celebrated and elevated African American poetry, art and music. Embracing entrepreneurs, intellectuals, activist, artist and entertainers, the renaissance symbolized promise and prosperity. The distinct and subtle yet expressive design aesthetic for the collection draws inspiration from the aforementioned complexity of the era. Each limited piece dawns a black canvas with energetic pops of color selectively infused and premium materials delicately threaded throughout the collection.

For a nod of a more intimate connection, not too much different from the speakeasies of the era, the collection engrains discovery elements throughout with every piece coming with the Harlem Renaissance storyline and Mr. Tony Forte signature in packaging.




The Harlem Renaissance preceded and inspired later generations of achievement and black excellence.

It was the distinguishable inspiration of this era that guided the curation experience. A setting steeped in history and proven in amplifying stories was the requisite and with The Harlem Renaissance being the first recognized period in U.S. history where the intellect, musical talents, enterprising savvy and artistic abilities were displayed, broadly appreciated and even elevated in mass both publicly and more importantly proudly, the ideal partner to help narrate this moment lied in the one of the cultural epicenters of NYC, the Brooklyn Museum. With a 1919 Ford T-Model as the welcome mat, gin anchored refreshments that spew the speakeasy energy synonymous with the roaring 20’s, the spirit and works of the icons of the era filling the space from Zora Neale Hurston and Langston Hughes to the photography of James Van Der Zee and the sounds of Duke Ellington remixed for the ear of classic hip hop and pop culture.


Inspired by the Harlem Renaissance’s central theme of promoting positive narratives of black life, we found TMBC’s platform of amplifying cultural representation and also their work in developing future generations of black men via mentoring we selected The Black Man Can for our "Raw Renaissance" community partner to elevate and drive measurable impact.

Always drawing inspiration from the iconic attributes of the Harlem Renaissance era itself, we identified the progressive non-profit organization The Black Man Can (TBMC, Inc.) as an ideal partner to tie-in to our first collaborative project.